Create words in the English dictionary to score points. Drag and drop the tiles to form words.

Take advantage of bonus tiles such as double letter scores, triple word scores and more. How well-versed are you with the English vocabulary?

The highest score wins!

Fans of word games such as scrabble will love this.


– Intelligent AI player
– Huge selection of words consistent with worldwide competition standards

Unleash the wordsmith within you and embark on a lexical journey with WordMeister, an invigorating, free online word game you can dive into at wordgames.org.

Craft compelling words from the English language and accrue points, leveraging your linguistic acumen. Simply drag and drop the tiles, and watch as the words you form contribute to your growing score.

Take your game to the next level by making the most of bonus tiles: double letter scores, triple word scores, and beyond. Are you a master of the English lexicon? It’s time to prove it!

The player with the highest score reigns supreme!

If you’re a fan of intellectual challenges and word games like Scrabble, WordMeister is sure to become your new favorite.

Key Features:

  • Compete against an intelligent AI player designed to keep you on your toes
  • Benefit from a massive selection of words, rigorously curated to meet global competition standards.

Ready to weave your way through words? Play WordMeister now!

Instructions: Create words to score points

Popularity: 612 plays

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