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About the Game

If you love forming words and competing against players online - Wordmeister is the game for you.

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How to play Wordmeister

Your tiles are located at the bottom of the screen, form new words and put them on the board by dragging each tile with your mouse.
Remember that you can only play new words by connecting them to an already formed word on the board.
If you are the first one to play, you must put your word in the middle of the board and must cover the star in the center.


The score of your tile will be doubled if it is placed on the blue square and tripled when on the green.
The total value of your played word will be double if one of its letters land on the orange square and tripled when on the red.
When you are out of word to play, you can swap tiles in exchange for a turn. You can also skip a turn without changing a tile.
Gameplay info will be displayed on the GAME PANEL.
Win against your opponent by having the best score at the end.

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