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Welcome to the Wordle Solver!

This tool is designed to assist you in solving Wordle puzzles by leveraging the feedback you receive from the game.

Whether you’re a beginner looking for a helping hand or an experienced player aiming to refine your strategy, the Wordle Solver will provide you with possible word suggestions based on your input.


  1. Select Word Length:
    • Use the dropdown menu to select the length of the word you are trying to solve (ranging from 3 to 12 letters).
  2. Enter Correct Letters (Green):
    • In the row of green input fields, enter the letters that are in the correct position in the Wordle puzzle. If a position is unknown, leave it blank.
  3. Enter Misplaced Letters (Yellow):
    • In the row of yellow input fields, enter the letters that are in the word but in the wrong position. Ensure you leave the correct positions blank and distribute the letters among the available fields.
  4. Enter Excluded Letters (Gray):
    • In the row of gray input fields, enter the letters that are not in the word at all. This helps in eliminating incorrect possibilities.
  5. Find Words:
    • Click the “Find Words” button to generate a list of possible words based on your inputs. The results will appear below the button, showing potential solutions.

Wordle Tips

  1. Start with Common Letters:
    • Use words with common letters such as “RATES”, “CRANE”, or “SLATE” for your initial guesses. This can help quickly identify letters that are in the word.
  2. Avoid Repeating Letters Early:
    • Try not to use words with duplicate letters in your early guesses. This maximizes the number of different letters you test.
  3. Utilize Vowel-Rich Words:
    • Include words with multiple vowels (e.g., “AUDIO”, “ADIEU”) to identify which vowels are in the word.
  4. Position Matters:
    • Pay close attention to the positions of the yellow (misplaced) letters. Knowing that a letter is in the word but not in a specific position can significantly narrow down possibilities.
  5. Process of Elimination:
    • Use the gray letters (excluded) to eliminate words that contain those letters, making it easier to focus on viable options.
  6. Take Your Time:
    • Wordle doesn’t have a time limit, so take your time to think through each guess. Use the solver to help you strategize and make informed guesses.

With these instructions and tips, you can enhance your Wordle-solving skills and enjoy the game even more. Happy solving!

Example Usage

For a five-letter Wordle puzzle:

  • If you know that the first letter is “A” and the second letter is “R”, with “E” somewhere in the word but not in the second position, and “T” and “S” are not in the word, you would enter:
    • Correct Letters: A, R, (leave the rest blank)
    • Misplaced Letters: E
    • Excluded Letters: T, S

Click “Find Words” to see possible solutions. This systematic approach will help you solve Wordle puzzles more efficiently.

Wordle Solver
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