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Create your custom word search puzzle. Enter your words, customize the grid, and generate your puzzle.

Enter the words for your word search, one per line.

Welcome to the Word Search Maker! This tool allows you to create custom word search puzzles tailored to your preferences. Enter your words, customize the appearance, and generate a unique word search that you can download and share.


  1. Enter Your Words: Type each word you want to include in your word search in the provided textarea, placing each word on a new line. Ensure there are no spaces within the words.
  2. Customize Background Color: Use the color picker to select a background color for your word search puzzle. This customization helps make your puzzle visually appealing and aligned with your theme.
  3. Generate Word Search: Click the “Generate Word Search” button to create your puzzle. The tool will place your words into a grid and fill the remaining spaces with random letters.
  4. Preview Your Puzzle: Once generated, the word search will be displayed on the canvas. You can review it and make any necessary adjustments by adding or removing words and regenerating the puzzle.
  5. Download Options: After generating your word search, you can download it in various formats:
    • PNG: Click the “Download PNG” button to save your word search as a PNG image.
    • JPG: Click the “Download JPG” button to save your word search as a JPG image.
    • PDF: Click the “Download PDF” button to save your word search as a PDF document.

Example Usage

  • Educational Activities: Teachers can create word searches with vocabulary words related to current lessons.
  • Event Themes: Create themed word searches for parties, holidays, or special events.
  • Personal Fun: Make word searches with favorite hobbies, interests, or even friends’ names.

Tips for Best Results

  • Word Length: Include a mix of short and long words to balance the difficulty of the puzzle.
  • Avoid Overlaps: Ensure words do not overlap in confusing ways to maintain puzzle clarity.
  • Review and Adjust: If words seem too crowded or difficult to find, adjust your word list and regenerate the puzzle.

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Enjoy creating your custom word searches and exploring our suite of word tools to bring your text to life in a visually engaging way!

Word Search Maker
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