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Update: From requests and to help you with word games the Word Generator now also sets Scrable points to the words generated.

Welcome to the Word Generator!

This tool is designed to help you create random words from a set of given letters based on specific criteria such as length, starting letter, ending letter, or including certain letters. Whether you’re playing word games, looking for creative writing prompts, or simply want to enhance your vocabulary, this tool is here to assist you.


  1. Enter Your Letters:
    • In the input field labeled “Your Letters,” enter the letters you want to use to generate words. Use ‘*’ for any blank tiles or wildcard letters.
  2. Set Criteria (Optional):
    • If you have specific requirements for the words you want to generate, you can use the optional fields:
      • Starts With: Enter a letter if the word must start with a specific letter.
      • Contains: Enter a letter if the word must contain a specific letter.
      • Ends With: Enter a letter if the word must end with a specific letter.
      • Word Length: Select the desired length of the words. Choose “Any Length” if there are no restrictions on the word length.
  3. Generate Words:
    • Click the “Generate Words” button to create a list of words based on your input and criteria. The tool will analyze the provided letters and generate all possible words that fit the criteria.
  4. Review the Results:
    • The generated words will appear below the “Generate Words” button. Each word will be displayed along with its calculated Scrabble points in the lower right corner, similar to a Scrabble letter.
  5. Status Update:
    • The status message below the generated words will update to indicate how many words were generated based on your criteria.

Example Use

  • Example 1: If you enter the letters “aetnsr” and choose “Starts With: S,” the tool will generate words like “star,” “stare,” and “starn,” each with its respective Scrabble points.
  • Example 2: If you enter the letters “cdeiln*” and choose “Contains: e,” the tool will generate words like “decline,” “denial,” and “nicely,” each with its respective Scrabble points.


  • Use the wildcard ‘*’ to increase the variety of words generated, as it can represent any letter.
  • Combine multiple criteria for more precise results, such as setting both a starting letter and a specific word length.
  • Experiment with different combinations of letters and criteria to explore the full potential of your letters.


The Word Generator is a powerful tool to help you uncover all possible words from a given set of letters, with options to customize the criteria for more targeted results. Whether for games or educational purposes, this tool is a valuable resource for word enthusiasts.

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Word Generator
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