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Track your writing progress and ensure your content meets platform requirements with our comprehensive Word Counter tool.

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Note: Blog posts can come in many sizes but a normal range for a comprehensive article is around 2000 words.

Welcome to the Enhanced Word Counter on WordGames.org!

This comprehensive tool helps you track your writing progress and ensures your content meets platform-specific requirements. Whether you’re drafting a social media post, a blog entry, or any form of written content, our tool provides detailed statistics to guide your writing.


  1. Enter Your Text:
    • In the text area provided, type or paste the text you want to analyze. This can be any form of text, including articles, essays, blog posts, or social media updates.
  2. Count Words:
    • Click the “Count Words” button to generate detailed statistics about your text. The tool will calculate the word count, character count, sentence count, and paragraph count.
  3. Review the Results:
    • The tool will display the following metrics:
      • Words: Total number of words in the text.
      • Characters: Total number of characters, including spaces and punctuation.
      • Sentences: Total number of sentences.
      • Paragraphs: Total number of paragraphs.
      • Estimated Reading Time: Average time it would take to read the text.
      • Estimated Speaking Time: Average time it would take to speak the text.
  4. Platform Recommendations:
    • The tool will also provide recommendations for various platforms, showing the current text length compared to the maximum allowed length for each platform.

The Word Counter tool is an indispensable assistant for writers of all kinds. From ensuring your text meets specific length requirements to providing insights on readability and optimization, this tool enhances the quality and effectiveness of your content. Enjoy creating with us at WordGames.org!

Word Counter
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