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Welcome to the Scrabble Helper Tool!

Maximize your Scrabble game with our Scrabble Helper tool. This tool is designed to assist you in finding the highest scoring words based on your current tiles and the letters on the board.

How to Use the Scrabble Helper:

  1. Enter Your Tiles:
    • Input the letters you have on your rack in the “Your tiles” field. Use * to represent any blank tiles.
    • Example: If you have the letters “scrabl*”, enter them directly.
  2. Enter Board Letters:
    • Input the letters that are already on the board to find potential matches.
  3. Advanced Options:
    • Starts With: Specify if the word should start with a particular letter or sequence.
    • Contains: Specify if the word should contain specific letters.
    • Ends With: Specify if the word should end with certain letters.
    • Word Length: Choose the length of the word you are looking for.
  4. Find Words:
    • Click the “Find Words” button to generate possible words from the given letters.
  5. View Results:
    • The possible words will be displayed, showing the potential points each word would score.


  • Easy to Use: Simply enter your letters and click a button to see possible word combinations.
  • Advanced Filtering: Use the “Starts With”, “Contains”, “Ends With”, and “Word Length” options to narrow down your results.
  • Accurate Results: The tool ensures that only words matching your specified criteria are shown.
  • ENABLE Dictionary: We use the comprehensive and widely recognized ENABLE (Enhanced North American Benchmark Lexicon) dictionary to provide reliable results.

Why Use the Scrabble Helper?

  • Boost Your Game: Enhance your performance in Scrabble by finding the best possible words from your tiles.
  • Expand Your Vocabulary: Discover new words and improve your language skills.
  • Save Time: Quickly find valid words without manually sorting through letters.


  • Your Tiles: scrabl*
  • Board Letters: e
  • Advanced Options: None
  • Possible Words: “scrabble (14 points)”, “cables (10 points)”, “labels (8 points)”, etc.
Scrabble Helper
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