Keyboard Music Maker

Instructions for the Keyboard Music Maker

Welcome to the Keyboard Music Maker!

Create and play your own melodies using your keyboard. Follow the steps below to get started.

How to Use the Keyboard Music Maker:

  1. Start Creating:
    • Begin typing on your keyboard to create your melody.
    • Each key corresponds to a different musical note.
  2. Use the Composition Area:
    • Type your notes directly into the composition area.
    • Use an underscore (_) to represent a space (silent step) in your melody.
  3. Play Your Composition:
    • Click the “Play Composition” button to hear your melody.
    • The notes will play in the order they are written in the composition area.
  4. Control Your Melody:
    • Clear Composition: Click this button to reset and start a new melody.
    • Save Composition: Save your melody as a text file to your device.
    • Parse Composition: Automatically format your text to ensure only valid notes are included.
    • Share Composition: Generate a shareable URL of your melody.
  5. Keyboard Interaction:
    • Click on the keys displayed on the virtual keyboard or use your computer’s keyboard to add notes to the composition.
  6. Copy and Paste:
    • Paste text into the composition area to convert it into a melody. Invalid characters will be filtered out.

Example Hashtags for Popular Melodies:

Try using the following hashtags to load popular melodies directly into the composition area:

  • Old MacDonald: #O_L_D_M_A_C_D_O_N_A_L_D
  • Twinkle Twinkle Little Star: #T_W_I_N_K_L_E_T_W_I_N_K_L_E
  • Mary Had a Little Lamb: #M_A_R_Y_H_A_D_A_L_I_T_T_L_E_L_A_M_B

Special Feature:

If you use the hashtag #N_E_V_E_R_G_O_N_N_A_G_I_V_E_Y_O_U_U_P, you’re in for a treat 🙂

  • Easy to Use: Start creating melodies with just your keyboard.
  • Real-time Playback: Hear your composition instantly.
  • Flexible Input: Supports both keyboard and mouse interactions.
  • Shareable Links: Easily share your melodies with others through generated URLs.

Ready to make some music? Start creating your melodies with the Keyboard Music Maker today!

Keyboard Music Maker
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