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Are you stuck on a tricky Hangman puzzle?

Our Hangman Solver is here to help! Using the renowned ENABLE (Enhanced North American Benchmark Lexicon) dictionary, which is widely adopted by popular word games like Zynga’s Words with Friends, our tool offers an extensive and accurate word list to assist you in finding the right word.

How to Use the Hangman Solver:

  1. Enter Known Letters: Input the letters you know in their correct positions, using * for any unknown letters. For example, if you know the word starts with ‘h’ and ends with ‘e’, but you don’t know the middle letters, you would enter h***e.
  2. Enter Known Wrong Letters: List any letters that you know are not in the word.
  3. Get Possible Words: Click the “Solve” button to see a list of possible words that fit the criteria you provided.


The ENABLE dictionary is a carefully curated list of words that ensures fairness and appropriateness for word games. It excludes offensive and overly obscure words, making it suitable for all ages.

This dictionary is the standard for many competitive word games, ensuring that our solver provides reliable and comprehensive assistance.

Example Usage:

  • Known Letters: h*ngm*n
  • Wrong Letters: aeiou

By entering these details, our solver will provide a list of potential words that match the given pattern and exclude any words containing the wrong letters.

Ready to solve your Hangman puzzle? Try our tool now and discover the possible words that fit your clues!

Hangman Solver
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