3D Word Cloud

Instructions for the 3D Word Cloud

Welcome to the 3D Word Cloud Generator!

Create and visualize your own 3D word clouds with customizable settings. Follow the steps below to get started.

How to Use the 3D Word Cloud Generator:

Start Creating:

  1. Enter Words:
    • Type your words separated by spaces in the text area provided.
    • The size of each word will be determined by its frequency.
  2. Select Color Scheme:
    • Choose a color scheme from the dropdown menu to apply to your word cloud.

Customize Your Word Cloud:

  1. Adjust Word Rotation Speed:
    • Use the slider labeled “Word Rotation Speed” to control how fast each word rotates around its own axis.
  2. Adjust Sphere Rotation Speed:
    • Use the slider labeled “Sphere Rotation Speed” to control how fast the entire sphere of words rotates.
  3. Set Maximum Word Size:
    • Use the “Max Word Size” slider to set the maximum size for the words in the word cloud.
  4. Set Word Spacing:
    • Use the “Word Spacing” slider to adjust the spacing of the words on the sphere surface.
  5. Add Randomness:
    • Use the “Randomness” slider to introduce randomness to the direction and spin of each word, making their rotation more varied.
  6. Control Zoom:
    • Use the “Zoom” slider to adjust the camera’s zoom level and get a closer or farther view of the word cloud.

Generate and Download:

  1. Generate 3D Word Cloud:
    • Click the “Generate 3D Word Cloud” button to create and display your customized word cloud in 3D.
  2. Download PNG:
    • Click the “Download PNG” button to download an image of your 3D word cloud.

Example Settings:

  • Try different color schemes and settings to see how they affect the appearance of your word cloud.
  • Experiment with word frequency by repeating certain words more often to see how their size changes.

Ready to create your own 3D word cloud?

Start entering your words and customize the settings to visualize your unique 3D word cloud today!

3d word cloud
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