3D Typing Speed Test

0 WPM | 100% Accuracy | 60 seconds left

Welcome to the 3D Typing Speed Test!

Test and improve your typing speed with this engaging and interactive 3D typing test. Follow the steps below to get started.

How to Use the 3D Typing Speed Test:

Start Typing:

  1. Display Sentence:
    • A random sentence will be displayed at the top of the screen.
    • Your goal is to type this sentence as quickly and accurately as possible.
  2. Start Typing:
    • Click in the text area labeled “Start typing here…” to begin.
    • Begin typing the displayed sentence.

Use the Virtual Keyboard:

  1. Toggle Virtual Keyboard:
    • Click the “Toggle Virtual Keyboard” button to show or hide the on-screen keyboard.
    • Use the on-screen keyboard to type by clicking the keys with your mouse.
  2. Type with On-Screen Keyboard:
    • Click the letters on the virtual keyboard to type them into the text area.
    • Use the spacebar to add spaces between words.

Monitor Your Progress:

  1. Typing Speed (WPM):
    • Your typing speed in words per minute (WPM) will be displayed in real-time.
  2. Accuracy:
    • Your typing accuracy percentage will be displayed and updated as you type.
  3. Time Left:
    • A timer will count down from 60 seconds, indicating the remaining time for the test.

Customize Your Typing Experience:

  1. Restart Test:
    • Click the “Restart Test” button to reset the timer, clear the text area, and start a new typing test with a different sentence.

Complete the Test:

  1. Finish Sentence:
    • Once you correctly type the entire displayed sentence, a new random sentence will automatically appear.
    • Continue typing the new sentence until the timer runs out.
  2. End of Test:
    • When the 60-second timer reaches zero, the test will end.
    • A final alert will display your typing speed and accuracy.

Example Settings:

  • Toggle Virtual Keyboard: Use the virtual keyboard if you prefer typing by clicking keys with your mouse.
  • Restart Test: Restart the test to practice with different sentences and improve your typing speed and accuracy.

Ready to test your typing skills?

Click the “Toggle Virtual Keyboard” button to start typing and see how fast and accurately you can type!

3D Typing Speed Test
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