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Microsoft Ultimate Word Games has three of the best online word games available for free.
Try them all and see which one is your favorite.

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How to Play Microsoft Ultimate Word Games

Wordament: Build words by connecting tiles that are next to each other on the board.
The word that you find must have at least three letters to be accepted and scored.
Your score depends on the length of the word and the points written on the corner of each letter.
Earn stars by accomplishing objectives. Once all the objectives are achieved, you will be able to move on to the next puzzle.

Microsoft Ultimate Word Games

Word Twister: Your aim is to unscramble letters to form a word.
Once you form a word, click the CHECK button and it will be added to the list of hidden words.
Complete the list to finish the current puzzle. You can drag the words around the rack to search for new words.
You can also use the keyboard to type the words that you find. Collect enough keys to unlock the Bonus Twister.

Crosswords: Type in the right answer to each clue on the proper place in the crossword grid.
Clues are listed on the right, and are grouped by ACROSS and DOWN. Click on the clue and the proper place for the answer will be highlighted on the grid.
Accomplish all the current objectives to unlock the next puzzle.
Microsoft Ultimate Word Games

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